Brady's Idaho Beef Testimonials

"Just a note here from a happy customer! We bought 100# of Beef a couple of months ago from you John and every cut we’ve had so far from the hamburger to the roasts to the soup bones has been absolutely beautiful, delicious and also so nicely packaged. Having a hamburger is just as good as having a steak. I am so happy with the quality of this meat. I also so appreciate that eating grass fed and grass finished Beef is as good as eating wild salmon because of the ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s we are getting from it. I’m making beef soup with these lovely soup bones with lots of meat on them today.
Thank you again for the high quality product! I’m not ready for more yet but will order again when we get low!"

Beth Haggett, MSW, LCSW, PhD
Master Personal & Executive Coach

Midway, UT

"I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that my husband and I have loved your grass-fed beef. We have been eating grass-fed and grass-finished beef for awhile now, and yours is by far the most delicious and highest quality- it is very apparent. We are interested in placing another order soon"


Southern CA

"Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing beef. Everyone absolutely loved it and have been raving about it, including myself. Whenever you are able to make another delivery to San Diego, we are in."

Bryan P.

Gym Owner

San Diego, CA

"My name is Dirk L. I want to say thank you. If you remember, I called you from Pocatello on July 5th because I was looking for some cuts of grass fed and finished beef. You told me to drive down there and talk to a man named Brent, that he could set me up.This is some of most wonderful tasting beef I've ever cooked and eaten. I'm eating one of the last cuts as I type this message. It's a really important thing you and other farmers do for your community. It's a service that I consider priceless because you can't put a price on a healthy mind and body. I told the Pocatello Co-op about you guys. I was surprised they didn't know. They need to get a dedicated freezer for Brady's Beef so there'll always be some when I'm visiting.
Thank you again and tell Brent thanks as well. It was nice chatting with him."

Dirk L.

Seattle, WA

"We've ordered twice from you and I just wanted to let you know that we are forever customers! We've loved our beef packs and as soon as you open the package, you can tell what great quality the meat is compared to supermarket beef. I've had a lot of my family and friends taste the difference as well. It's not just about the actual meat. I too, am a big supporter of the way the cattle is raised and what they live off of - humanely treated, etc. Like you, I believe we are what we eat and only buy organic when available. I just wanted to let you know that I've loved my experience with you guys and love following your blog as well. We are currently on a military deployment out of state until Oct, but when we get home, be looking for another order from us. Thank you!"

Erin N.


"Thanks for the last order I got from you. I have not tasted beef like yours since my childhood when my Grandpa raised grass fed beef in pasture (Minnesota). I appreciate your dedication to the animals and your customers."

Michael S.

Pocatello, ID

"Thank you so very much for our Beef. It is the best tasting meat on the planet. My health has come back and the doctor can't figure out why the quick recovery and the increased energy I'm showing. I just said, it's my food we are getting. So he said, you have cut out red meat. I said no I have actually added to the amount of red meat we are eating. He's puzzled to say the least. We however are not."

Charles C.

Ogden, UT

"I bought some ground beef and dog bones last week at the IF Farmers Market and have to tell you that we really loved your product (didn't try the dog bones ourselves but the dogs really like them). We've been eating and trying out different grass fed meat for about 4 months now from around this area and my whole family agrees that yours is the best we've had."

Katie B.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Our family has been very impressed with the quality and taste of your beef. We have been looking for purely grass-fed beef since moving to Idaho and found Brady's Beef on your website. We are both health conscious and I am, as a chef, very particular about the quality and taste. We have found Brady's Beef to be lean but tender and marbled in just the right amount. The most impressive thing has been the flavor. Unlike factory farmed beef which usually has a bland and fatty flavor, this grass-only beef has a juicy flavor that is hard to describe except as "tasting like beef is supposed to taste." With some meats, you feel like you have to eat a lot just to satisfy your craving for the taste. But like most fine foods, this meat satisfies with every bite. So thank you for your commitment to raising all-grass fed cattle in a humane and sustainable way."

Matthew W.

Rexburg, ID

"We just wanted to follow up with you and let you know how pleased we are with the beef that you sold us. We recently had a package of "T" bone steaks and they were fantastic. We have also tried a roast and some of the hamburger, and it was all very good. "

Tab & Karen

Lava Hot Springs, ID

Bought whole beef

"Hi, we loved your beef! Wow the roast was amazing. I am ready to put in another order. This one will be larger as I have multiple family members who would like me to place an order for them."


Logan, UT

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