Brady's Idaho Beef Bundles

Important, Please Read: Our pricing is all inclusive. We take the animal to a USDA certified butcher, arrange cutting instructions, absorb all the shrinkage associated with dry aging and de-boning, pick up from the butcher, pay the butcher, and guarantee your satisfaction with our product. Don't be scammed by low "hanging weight" prices.

Value Pack

* Roast: Approximately 5.5 pounds in two packages

* Fajita strips, round steak or stew meat (grower's choice): 1 pound

* Hamburger: 10 pounds in ten packages

TOTAL WEIGHT: 16.5 pounds

TOTAL PRICE: $105.00 ($6.36/lb for real, grass-finished beef)

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Variety Pack

* Roast: Approximately 2.5 pounds (great for Sunday dinner plus sandwiches and snacks during the week)

* Grower's Choice Steak: 2 pounds (4 eight ounce steak dinners)

* Hamburger: 4 pounds in four packages

TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.5 pounds

TOTAL PRICE: $69.00 (approx $8/lb for real, grass-finished beef, including steak)

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Bundle #1: Approx. 80 pounds (~$7.50 per packaged pound)

* Hamburger: 45 pounds

* Fajita strips and Stew meat: 5 pounds

* Meaty soup bones (Osso Buco): 2 pounds

* Roasts: 15 pounds

* Brisket: 2 pounds

* Sirloin steak: 3-4 pounds

* Rib eye steak: 3-4 pounds

* New York or T-bone steak: 3-4 pounds

* Tenderloin steak:1-2 pounds

TOTAL WEIGHT: Approx. 80 pounds

TOTAL PRICE: $600 (~$7.50 per pound)

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Bundle #2: Half Cow - Get more roasts and steaks (all meat cut, wrapped, frozen & boneless @$7.50 per pound)

* Must be pre-ordered 30-90 days in advance

* About 200 pounds of cut & wrapped Idaho beef (varies by size of animal)

* Depending on cutting instructions, double the roast and steak by percentage over Bundle #1 above

* Can be custom cut according to customer preferences

* Bones can be left in t-bone, ribs, soup bones, etc. according to cutting instructions

* Requires about 7 cubic feet of freezer space

* Price based on plastic & paper wrap. Plastic vacuum packaging available at extra charge.

A deposit of $100 is required on a half beef order. Please use the button below:

We make regular deliveries along the I-15 corrider from Idaho Falls, ID to Provo, UT. If outside that area, call or email to discuss delivery options.

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