Idaho Grass-Fed Beef, Naturally Raised

Natural Beef

Why choose Brady's Idaho Beef? This is the beef demanded by really fine restaurants, cultured chefs, discriminating diners, and finicky families for the following reasons:

  1. Flavor - Rich, full-beef flavor representative of the Marsh Valley area due to our unique climate, soils, and plants.
  2. Finish - Animals are allowed to grow & mature naturally, allowing for full marbling and excellent taste.
  3. Health Benefits - Higher CLA content, high in Omega-3 and low in Omega-6 fatty acids make grass-fed beef more "Heart Healthy" (similar to health benefits from fish)
  4. Cleanliness - Pasture raised beef has a far better record for NO e-coli or salmonella bacteria contamination. Plus, our beef has NO added hormones or antibiotics. Processing is done locally.
  5. Truly a local product - The cattle are not hauled to the Midwest to be fattened on government subsidized corn, butchered in a (Brazilian owned) factory, and then trucked back through a chain of brokers and giant supermarkets.
  6. Gentle and humane treatment of animals - Pasture raised. Open spaces.

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